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"Minnesota Got Colder" Lyrics And Chords Sheet

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Want to jam along to Minnesota Got Colder?

Every now and again, someone asks me how to play this song. So I figured I'd add them here. 

Get a PDF copy of Minnesota Got Colder Lyrics and Chord sheet. Just download and print it off. Just "Name Your Price" and you'll get immediate access.

Name Your Price, Really?


The price is currently set to “Name Your Price.” It means what it says and even includes paying nothing (yep, this package is completely free. Costs you $0. Just help with shipping). Hell, you can even send a copy to your friends if you feel like it and I will not call the internet police or the RIAA or anything like that.

Just know that any contribution you make, large or small, not only helps me offset the cost of providing this music for free, but also tells me that you think what I am doing is worth the effort and that you want me to continue creating more music and moments for you.

I just want to make it a no-brainer for you by letting you pay whatever you want.

Sound like a plan?

Get your lyrics and chords now for the low, low price of... whatever the hell you want.

More Songs Available

Want a different or additional song? Let me know when you place your order. I can throw something together for you.

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"Minnesota Got Colder" Lyrics And Chords Sheet

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