On My Way 2021

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Need a mood boost? Need a shot of optimism?

You'll want to listen to this song. I promise you'll feel the difference before you even get through the first chorus.

Here's how to listen...

Buy me a drink and I'll send you the song

If you buy me a drink or two before I release this song everywhere,  I'll make sure you hear the song at least 2 weeks before I release it anywhere else.

Better yet...

Buy me a "couple" of drinks at $5 or more and I will put your name in the song credits under “Associate Producer” or whatever title you choose. This will forever link you to the song and proudly put you on display for everyone to see that you are supporting one very grateful musician. 

Your name will reside in the credits forever on Bandcamp, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon, etc and when it comes time to release a physical copy of the CD, it will be there in print too.

Please note:

Aside from a tasty beverage, your donation lets me know that you think the music I make adds value to your life and that I should create more. Plus, your donation helps to support the musicians, artists, and businesses who help me create everything associated with the music I create. Everyone from the album cover art artist to the session musicians to the mixing and mastering engineers benefits from your contribution.

So, go buy that drink and I'll send you the song...

I want this!

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On My Way 2021

1 rating
I want this!