Name Your Price CD + Can Koozie [Just Cover Shipping]

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Yeah, I know, buying CD's and downloads are not in style these days. BUT getting cool shit in the mail never goes out of style.

Plus, if you are geeky about music like me you know that there is nothing quite like holding a brand new CD, cassette or vinyl in the palm of your hands.

Here's what you get:

(1) Signed copy of "Never Too Late" CD (they make great coasters)

(2) "Music That Makes Your Beer Taste Better" Can Koozie (2 because it's never good to drink alone)

It's my way of saying thanks for checking out my music.

Here are the tunes on "Never Too Late":

1. Change The World 04:05

2. On My Way 03:21

3. Take This Ring 05:02

4. Minnesota Got Colder 04:18

5. One Step At A Time 03:36

6. Perfect Ten 03:59

7. To All The Girls (Bitterness) 03:41

Name Your Price, Really?


The price is currently set to “Name Your Price.” It means what it says and even includes paying nothing (yep, this package is completely free. Costs you $0. Just help with shipping). Hell, you can even send a copy to your friends if you feel like it and I will not call the internet police or the RIAA or anything like that.

Just know that any contribution you make, large or small, not only helps me offset the cost of providing this music for free, but also tells me that you think what I am doing is worth the effort and that you want me to continue creating more music and moments for you.

I just want to make it a no-brainer for you by letting you pay whatever you want.

Sound like a plan?

Get your CD and Koozies now for the low, low price of... whatever the hell you want.

This product is not currently for sale.

Name Your Price CD + Can Koozie [Just Cover Shipping]

0 ratings