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Get an immediate download of Corey Koehler's debut album "Never Too Late". 


"The title of his first CD, Never Too Late, reflects Corey's own path to singing and songwriting.

Around the age of 30, Koehler finally decided he wanted more than he could wean from a nine-to-five job. He picked up his guitar, which he hadn’t touched in years, and discovered not all was lost. Something about the music gave Koehler the fulfillment he was searching for.

Lyrically, his subject matter relates to anyone who finds themselves weary of monotony in the daily grind, inadequate in choosing words to express compassion over loss, and an active participant (eventually, anyway) in the failure of a relationship.

Musically, he makes you want to raise a beer and toast yourself for making it this far." - Jamison Lee

Whats Included:

  • Never Too Late Album Download
  • Never Too Late Lyric ebook Download

Song List:

1. Change The World 04:05

2. On My Way 03:21

3. Take This Ring 05:02

4. Minnesota Got Colder 04:18

5. One Step At A Time 03:36

6. Perfect Ten 03:59

7. To All The Girls (Bitterness) 03:41


released April 23, 2010

Corey Koehler: acoustic guitar and vocals

Chris "Doc Roc" Williams: electric guitar

Percussion: Tom Moncrieff

Pedal steel guitar on Take This Ring: Mike Stidolph

Electric guitar on Minnesota Got Colder: Tom Moncrieff

Produced by Tom Moncrieff, Annie McLoone and Corey Koehler

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Moncrieff at the RudeLab, Winona, MN

Music and lyrics written by Corey Koehler

Photography: Ken Stark Photography

Graphic Design: Shawn Swanson

RudeLab Records

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Full Album Download of Corey Koehler's "Never Too Late" Album PLUS Lyrics Ebook


"Never Too Late" Digital Album Pack

0 ratings
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