"FM" Digital Album Pack

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Get an immediate download of Corey Koehler's entire second album "FM". Plus get a radio style song-by-song guided tour of the entire album from Corey himself and bonus lyric ebook.


Stressed out, overworked, underpaid, ticked off so you can relax music perfect for fans of Red Dirt Country, Heartland Rock and acoustic folk music with a little punch.

Whats Included:

  • FM Album Download
  • FM Radio Show Download
  • FM Lyric ebook Download

Song List:

1. Why Wait 03:45

2. Frac Sand Blues 02:43

3. I Think About You 04:33

4. When The Rain 03:58

5. Let's Take A Walk 04:41

6. See You Smile 03:55

7. Brown Boots 03:08

8. When The Wind Blows Softly


released August 26, 2013

Corey Koehler: acoustic guitar and vocals

Tom Moncrieff: Lead Electric Guitar, Rhythm Electric Guitar, Bass, Percussion

Harmonica on When The Rain: Annie McLoone

Lead guitar on Let's Take A Walk: Matt Olson

Produced by Tom Moncrieff, Annie McLoone and Corey Koehler

*Let's Take A Walk Produced by Matt Olson and Corey Koehler

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Moncrieff at the RudeLab, Winona, MN

*Let's Take A Walk Recorded and Mixed by Matt Olson at Ghost In My House Studios, Onalaska, WI

Music and Lyrics written by: Corey Koehler

For lyrics, show dates and to introduce yourself visit PlanetCorey.com

Photography: Corey Koehler

Graphic Design (Cover Art): Corey Koehler

Graphic Design (Logo): Dave Piro, DP Designs, dpdesignstudio.com

Extra Special, BIG TIME, from-the-bottom-of-my-heart thanks to all of the following "Associate Producers" who supported the making of this album with generous contributions:

Jim Jerome, Nicole Gentry, Greg Davies, Brian Meek, Alvin Kinsey, Lucinda Long, Craig Brooks, Nell Miner, Jim Scherley, Heather Grigg, Kathryn Brown (aka Director of Awesome)

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Full Album Download of Corey Koehler's "FM" PLUS a Radio Style Album Tour and Lyrics Ebook


"FM" Digital Album Pack

0 ratings
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